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Dog reality

Humans are very easy to train when it comes to teaching them abstract concepts. Almost everything we learn in school starts out that way — words, dates, math. Eventually, we learn to apply that information to the real world, but a kid may go years only knowing that “Z” is for zebra without ever actually seeing a real zebra. You can show a child a picture of a toaster and tell them, “Never stick a fork in this. You could kill yourself,” and they will get the idea and (ideally) remember it at some future point. Even such complicated things as medicine or flying an airplane or even rocket science all start out as abstract ideas of words and formulas. Needless to say, dogs do not learn this...

Unnatural disasters

One thing you can count on in Southern California when it gets hot is fires, especially during a bad drought like we’re having right now. Last weekend, a fire broke out a few miles from the Dog Psychology Center and quickly tripled in size. Fortunately, the DPC isn’t in any danger, but in and around the burn area, people had to evacuate. This is a very rural part of L. A. County, so a lot of people have animals — household pets and farm animals. There’s also an animal sanctuary up there with a lot of regular and exotic residents. Along with local shelters, many other places took in the animals, including parks, schools, the fairgrounds, and even an airport warehouse. I also took in a lot... R
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