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A cool pair of eye wear is a must have fashion accessory in today's is one of the top dealers in fashionable eye wear.Gaffos sells a range of men's,women's and designer eye wear.Some of the top designer brand eye wear is sold at the site like Airwalk,Vera Wang,Versace,Prada and many more.The product line at Gaffos includes :

Men's sun wear

Men's optical

Women's sun wear

Women's optical



Jonathan Muller is the founder and CEO of Gaffos.Today Gaffos has a 30 years experience in supplying affordable and stylish eye wear to the world.It is based in United States.Gaffos is a socially responsible organisation and it donates a pair of optical frame or its monetary equivalent to charity when a pair of $99 prescription glasses are sold.. All products sold on the site are 100 percent originals and bought directly from the manufacturer.
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