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Groupon is a popular internet service that features daily deal vouchers at deeply discounted rates on local activities, dining at local restaurants, beauty products, food, shopping, cinema tickets, and other great items to purchase in 48 different countries. Groupon helps its users discover all their community has to offer for 50% to 90% off the normal rate you would expect to pay for a particular product or service.

Groupon is located at West Chicago Avenue, Suite 620 in Chicago, Illinois. The company has about 10,000 employees working in their Chicago headquarters, their office in Palo Alto, California, local markets throughout North America, and regional offices in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Groupon's customer service phone number is (877) 788-7858. Their fax number is (312) 784-4375.

Groupon grew out of a website called The Point, which launched in November 2007 that allowed users to start a campaign asking people to donate money or to complete group activities. The activity could be completed once the "tipping point" of people agreed to participate. This worked by delaying action until enough people could come together to have a real impact. The Point aided consumers, employees, citizens, activists, and parents to come together and solve problems that they were unable to solve alone. You can learn more about The Point here.
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