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Quick Quid is an online cash advances provider or lending company which gives approval within 10 minutes across the United Kingdom. Its fast service has helped many British people to bridge gaps between paydays. With hassle free online loans that made it Britain’s trusted online lending company. The company is open online 24/7 including Sundays and holidays giving quick applications and approval of up to ₤1500+. It offers online application from the comfort of your own home and is highly recommended by 93% of its customers as suggested by a survey done in November 2012. It allows you to save up to 15% on every loan with its preferred Member Program. The company offers payday loans in short term loans in low amounts, usually less than ₤1500 that is generally repaid on the next payday. It also offers loans to be paid up to 90 days. Other loans will be based on your qualifying tier and will be determined by QuickQuid. IT will be based on various factors including but not limited to credit history, employment history and loan repayment history. This company does not offer long term loans, however you may extend your payment but it will not be granted automatically. Your extension request will still be processed according to the information that you will provide and your current financial situation. You may apply for up to 3 extensions maximum. is the premier online cash provider, offering cash advances sent within 10 minutes of approval. It is dedicated in offering the fastest hassle free lending service available at its simple loan process and is designed to give you the money needed. The owners and founders were not mentioned on any page of its website but on a post on a blog it is owned by a US company called Cash of America of Forth Worth, Texas and is run by Daniel Feehan. It is operated by CASHEURONET UK LLC. The registered office is located at 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS, United Kingdom.
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