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Autodesk Store Affiliate Program Europe
Autodesk is one of the leaders of the software market, focusing on 3D design for engineering, architecture, manufacturing and entertainment. One of their most successful application is AutoCad, used for 3D and 2D design and crafting. It is a mature application, as it was first released in 1982 and developed over the years and it has become a standard of the industry. In addition, Autodesk also offers Revit Architecture, a product which aims to provide support for detailed design and conceptual modeling.

Another key product is 3ds Max, which is used by computer game producers and film makers to develop 3D environments, animations and 3D objects. Besides this, Autodesk also develops another animation of software named Maya, built for modeling, animation, visual effects, simulation and rendering. Autodesk Inventor is meant for mechanical design and simulation as well as for design communication.

It is important to mention that Autodesk products are used commercially by a huge number of companies: a lot of new computer games and movies have been design using Autodesk software as well as a considerable number of buildings. This article will list as many characteristics of Autodesk applications as possible, keeping in mind that they develop quite a lot software and a single article cannot offer a full description of such a large variety of apps.
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