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Where has been all my life? Never have I found a website with such understated graphics and tone so exciting. The soft sage and terracotta colors are easy on the eyes and there are no wildly flashing banners screaming, 'Buy! Buy! Buy!'. The exotic destinations and great deals speak for themselves.

Living in the United Kingdom, the concept of a bed and breakfast establishment is quite familiar to me. Here, they tend to be small, independently-owned businesses, each with their own unique personality. They are also customarily priced more attractively than their big chain counterparts, giving you more character for your currency.

Clicking on the 'Search by Map' function on the home page, I was startled to see how widely this uniquely British idea has spread throughout the rest of the world. You can find B&B accommodation in these far-flung places:

Europe (10,501)

United States (9,595)

Canada (981)

South Pacific & Australia (422)

South America (262)

Africa (207)

Caribbean (195)

Mexico (150)

Central America (144)

Asia (97)

Middle East (60)

Russia (10)

Customers who are not planning a fairy tale trip for the sake of writing a review article may select their preferred dates and number of guests from a drop-down menu. Gift cards, together with a voucher for $50 off, are also available.

A member of the HomeAway group of alternative lodging websites, was set up in 2006. According to CrunchBase, the parent company is located in Austin, Texas. HomeAway represents more than half a million vacation rentals in 120 countries.

The HomeAway app may be downloaded for free from the iTunes App store. This handy little mobile gadget allows you to make your queries and manage your bookings wherever you are on the planet.
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