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Comfi Phonecards
Human beings generally cannot live alone. They like to keep in touch with each other. Now with modern mobility, parents live in one place, while their only daughter may be pursuing her study thousands of miles away. Imagine such parents living in peaceful and sunny Santa Maria, California, while their only daughter was still studying in New York in October 2012 when Hurricane Sandy savagely blasted and devastated the city. These parents would be haggard, glued to their telecommunication device, trying to get in touch and stay in touch with their dearest one. In normal time, a telecommunication device can be a source of pleasant entertainment, while in business, it is a necessity to make money. Thus, good telecommunication devices, whether mobile phones with the necessary software installed or telephones with phone cards or calling cards, are always handy.

Comfi, founded in 1998 and based in Boston, Mass., is an online provider of such good telecommunication products and services. This BBB accredited and top-rated business offers:

- Phone Cards – Arbat, AT&T, Bizon, Cardinal, Champion, Cheap Call, CheapStreet, Continental, El Toro, Everest, FastWorld, Golden Lotus, Hello from UK, Jupiter, Lucky Minutes, Mariachi, Mozart, Partner, Penny Boss, Royal Call, Sahara, Saturn, Simply, Solaris, Tigris;

- Calling Cards (Using calling cards lets you save up to 95% on long-distance and international calls) -- Lucky Minutes, CheapStreet, Penny Boss, Partner, Bizon, Champion, Cardinal, Solaris, Continental, AT&T;

- Conference Calls: Unlimited number of participants with Comfi low international rates. Calls can be initiated from a cell phone or Comfi’s website;

- Mobile Apps (Comfi Call International): Cheap international calls directly from Address Book on customer’s iPhone. No WiFi or 3G required. Comfi Call International iPhone App is FREE to download and easy to use. Save up to 98% on calling rates;

- Prepaid Cell Refill: Prepaid wireless recharge service allows customers to refill and buy airtime minutes for pay-as-you-go phones, such as T-mobile, Verizon, Tracfone, Boost and many more;

- Global SIM: A convenient way to stay connected with family, friends or business partners while traveling abroad. Benefits include low cost international roaming, coverage in over 200 countries, SMS, Data and voicemail;

- Web Callback: This service is particularly valuable in areas with no access numbers. Customer just go to his/her account, enter his/her number and destination number and press “Call”. In a second, both parties will receive incoming calls.

- SMS Callback: Initiate a call by sending a text message. Send an SMS with the number customer wishes to call. Customer’s phone will ring and he/she will get connected;

- PIN-less Access: By registering a phone number, customer can avoid entering the calling card PIN every time he/she calls. When customer places a call Comfi’s system recognizes the registered phone number so customer will only have to dial the access number;

- Speed Dial: Allows customer to save long or complicated international numbers as a one-digit number. Customer just enters this one-digit number after dialing the access number and PIN and gets connected;

- Call-me Link: If customer has a website or blog, this Comfi service is handy. It will create a personal “Call” button that will allow his/her customers to call him/her directly from a website just by pressing it. It’s easy and private;

- VoIP Account: Customer receives a unique login and password and can call anywhere in the world from his/her computer or smartphone. No connection or set up fees, just download the software and start using Comfi VOIP service;

- Dialing Codes: Country and city dialing codes to call, current time and time zone, weather and currency exchange rates. It's easy, simple and free;

- Anonymous Calling: To call someone from any phone without exposing own phone number on the person's Caller ID. Great for anyone who wants to protect his/her privacy.

Comfi has been and is working hard to grow its business. Along with offering competitive rates and rewards, it has developed a highly ranked affiliate program and extremely advanced distribution and wholesale opportunities for resellers and distributors. This world-renown provider of international calling cards, online phone cards and mobile apps provides comprehensive information to prospects and customers alike on its Help and FAQ page.
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