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Radisson Hotels
Radisson Hotels are famous around the world.They currently have 419 hotels worldwide with more in the pipeline.

They have a number of hot deals including

30% off participating hotels in Asia Pacific until September 9th 2012

Park and Stay package

Bed and breakfast package for 2

Tru Blu Caribbean where you get special offers from Radisson Blu,Marina and Spa St Martin

100 Degree in the City package in Philadelphia,CA

Radisson's goal is 100% guest satisfaction and if guests are not satisfied with anything during their stay they are asked to let one of the hotel staff know and it will be put right immediately.

In 1962 Curt Carlson,founder of Carlson Hotels acquired ownership of the Radison Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.This marked the official start of Carlson entry into the hotel business and Carlton's association with Radisson Hotels.

When Carlson Razidor Hotel Group was founded in early 2012 Radisson Hotels became part of the group.It gives Radisson the opportunity to expand as a powerful globally-consistent first class brand of hotels.The head office for the group is based in Omaha NE.

In 2010,before they joined Razidor,they introduced a number of new innovations at their Global Business Conference.These include new room and rest concepts and a series of service concepts to focus on the experience of each guest.

To achieve their goal Radisson is investing up to $1.5 billion in North America alone and they are establishing flagship hotels in key US cities as well as upgrading their existing hotels.

Another 108 hotels are planned around the world and Radisson Hotels'aim is to have at least 600 hotels globally by 2015.
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