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Shoebacca is an online retail footwear comppany dedicated to helping families lead healthier lifestyles.To this end they sell more than 200 brands and 25,000 styles from the most popular athletic and outdoor shoes in the world.

They also sell fashionable styles from the most popular athletic and outdoor shoes in the world.They also sell fashionable dress shoes,sunglasses,bags and clothing and they cater for men,women and children.

Shoebacca is based in Irving,Texas and started in 2002 as a re-seller on the online auction site Ebay.After making a success operating on Ebay the two brothers who ran the company decided to re-launch Shoebacc as a full-scale company with their own website and it quickly became a leader in the footwear retail market.

But the seeds of Shoebacca were sown long before that.The two community-minded brothers began selling used brand-name athletic shoes to under-privileged families at local markets as well as shipping truckloads of shopes all over the world,primarily to third-world countries were the need was greatest.

Shoebacca is still dedicated to helping the community locally and nationally and they sponsor a new charitable program along with many high-profile partners called Giving Soles.
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