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Snag A Job brings companies with jobs together with people looking for work. This company focuses on part-time and full-time workers who are paid by the hour. The site is internet based which allows job seekers easy access to job listings. The listings can be organized by geographical area. A job hunter can also search by company or occupation. Snag A Job has a good selection of both full time and part time positions. Some jobs are placed on the site by employment agencies; others are placed on the site directly by the business. Some companies that use this site to locate employees are:





Sports Authority




Dollar Tree

Black Angus

The site is free to job searchers. Applicants are able to post their resume and personal information to the site. Once posted, this resume can be easily used to apply to any jobs open on the site. Besides being a good site to find a job locally, Snag A Job is also a great way to find a job for someone who is relocating to another part of the country. This site is especially useful to persons, such as students, who want or need a part time job.

SnagAJob provides the following benefits for its clients:

Provides a single location for those seeking part-time and hourly employment positions

Allows applicants to upload personal information only one time for all job openings saving time

Organizes job listings by geographical area for students returning to school or person moving to a new area

Applicants can choose positions by job title or requirements

Job seekers with an account are alerted by e-mail when new job openings are listed on the site

Site tells job applicant location of each job and the distance from their home city or town
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